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You Know You're Having a Bad Day When...

You Know You're Having a Bad Day When...

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7/12/08 - Hiatus.

7/10/08 - We're going to try the Monday-Wednesday-Friday update thing. Also, if you have not already noticed, you can comment (or view comments) on each individual comic. Its a great way to give feedback. Simply press the button that says "X diggs" below each comic, and you'll be taken to a digg comment thread. Whether or not you want to digg the comic after clicking is entirely up to you. (The exception being if the comic is not yet submitted to

7/8/08 - Comic #31 proved to be fairly popular, with 22,655 unique visitors this holiday weekend. Its based on a true story - during freshman year in college, my friend ran a write-in campaign for student senate. He thought he was a sure thing because no one else was on the ballot. The only problem was voting was done online... and he was beaten badly by Optimus Prime, who won a lot of the elections that year.

7/8/08 - Sorry about the lack of updates earlier this week. I have to figure out a clear update schedule.

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